You never know until you ask.

You’ll be wanting to read this.

Just for the record, part of what inspired my first self-publishing venture was a Doonesbury strip. As soon as I had finished the first version that was sold in stores I sent him a copy with a little enclosed note. To his private address that I had obtained a few years before through means not to be described here.

The nice little note that he sent in response (which was pretty much “good idea but would be better if it included information on your sources”, advice that I instantly followed) is to this day part of gets me out of bed in the morning.


Seriously, if there is somebody amazing whose work inspires you, yes, be sure to find a time that you’ve got something to say that’s more likely to jibe with what *they* are known to want to talk about. And say hi. Maybe at a con. Maybe in a little print note. Maybe even email or Facebook or something just as “silly.

Because you never really know.

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