Workspace by the hour

For years now I’ve been doing listings on places to rent workspace by the month but I’ve never gotten into Portland area options for renting arts related space by the hour. Photoshoots. Teaching classes. Places to do shared projects. Quite a big subject, actually.

Well, let me start with an option that many people forget: churches and colleges. Both of them have ample space, especially during the summer months, and rent it out for all kinds of things. Next is bars and restaurants, which everybody remembers for parties but keep in mind, especially during their slower times, they can be an entirely viable option for arts-related work as well.

There are many other places to rent and I’ll get to those another day. But let’s also keep in mind that some things that you may think of as too messy to do in a rented space may be entirely manageable if you plan them out right.

We all know about basic tarps but options go well beyond that. If you’ll be renting space repeatedly, remember an old performer’s trick, bring your floor with you.


Sheets of 3/4 inch ply, backed with carpet and varnished heavily on the front, can stand up to quite a bit of wear and tear. The bigger you can keep the sheets, the more completely you can protect the floor and choose how your space feels. But just cutting a standard sheet in half, creating two four foot by four foot squares, can make a huge difference in how easy they are to travel with, carry around, and fit into the space that you get.