Wordstock. Anybody home??

Let’s be honest here, Wordstock has been in trouble for a while now. And especially for publishers looking at that six hundred dollar cost of tabling and the 100% lack of events or speakers designed to draw in retailers or anybody else likely to buy more than a discard, it’s been a shaky proposition for a while to participate.

But no matter how far that may be from what we want, it’s still been a key part of our year.

So what do we do if there is no Wordstock in 2014?

Because as of right now, the rumor mill says that this is the most likely outcome.

I’ll post more as I get more certain information. But for now, lets’ all hope for the best and remember that we’ll only have good shows in this city if we all make an effort to make them good.




We’re free!

Hi, everybody! We’re finally starting a blog version of DIY in Stumptown.

Don’t worry. A new print edition will be out soon. And the Facebook Page will continue to be updated. At least for now. But as of today our transition to being a full-blown online DIY resource for the Portland area has begun!