First Thursday is almost here again.

It’s almost that time. When Floating World, Upper Playground, various of the Everett Lofts, Blue Sky Gallery, and others in downtown Portland have open houses and new art on display.

Personally, I almost always start with Floating World. And I always make a point to get in some time at Sequential Art if they’ve got a good show at all.

I hope that I’ll see you out there.


Talking about not talking about things in publishing

This essay on race as a persistently marginalized factor in mainstream publishing is amazing. On target. Thoughtful, Evocative.

It is also a subject of particular relevance here in Portland.

And even beyond race as such, this is a city of cliques. And if we are ever to graduate from flavor of the month and cute base of operations for people whose hearts are elsewhere, then eventually we will need to stop evading each other’s eyes, sticking to just the events, just the parties, just the bookstores that match our little tidy Portland subset.

We can be great. But we won’t be unless and until more Portlanders get a lot more willing to spend time with, listen to, and work with people who aren’t in their own little personal club.