Instant letterpress studio for sale. Well, except for the lack of a press.

Letterpress folks! Would-be letterpress folks! I’m selling all of my letterpress near-studio ASAP. I don’t have a proper press but I’ve got damn near everything else. Buy this set, buy a hobby press and about ten little things, and you’ll have an entire working studio in about a week. I need to choose a price but I’m thinking that a thousand bucks should buy you the whole damn shooting match.

Details to come but this gives the idea

– Hamilton galley cabinet, including not only a full set of trays but also two made of welded brass. Fancy!

– Custom made materials pedestal.
About 28″ deep and 19″ wide.
About 12 drawers 2″ deep and one about a foot deep.
All built of 3/4″ ply with oak veneer or just solid oak.

– Small but nice set of cuts

– 3 utilitarian and complete sans serif small faces

– small set of furniture including leading, quoins, and some classic cast iron pieces of various sizes

– lead cutter

– 8 galley trays

– 18″ by 48″ wheeled stand for galley cabinet and materials pedestal. Large Italian-looking wheels, smooth movement, beautiful to see.

And just basically a rich set of all of those “extras” that most people ending blowing a couple of years putting together once they first buy a little clamshell and decide to start doing their own work.

But in this case you don’t need to watch years pass. You can buy it all in one day, load it up, and be up and running by June 1st. I can even sell you stainless steel and high fired ceramic bowls and spacers for cleaning you tools and pretty much everything else, right down to chairs and some wire mesh flats to build a drying rack out of.
C’mon, folks. Buy this now. Frankly, if it doesn’t sell soon I’ll just keep it. I figure that it’s a distraction that I keep spending time, attention and money on. And I sure could use more cash for our primary tasks. But I’ve still put a lot of thought and work and love into building this foundational collection. So if the mood passes and silver hasn’t crossed my palm, it goes right back into the workin’ section of the shop.


Wordstock. Anybody home??

Let’s be honest here, Wordstock has been in trouble for a while now. And especially for publishers looking at that six hundred dollar cost of tabling and the 100% lack of events or speakers designed to draw in retailers or anybody else likely to buy more than a discard, it’s been a shaky proposition for a while to participate.

But no matter how far that may be from what we want, it’s still been a key part of our year.

So what do we do if there is no Wordstock in 2014?

Because as of right now, the rumor mill says that this is the most likely outcome.

I’ll post more as I get more certain information. But for now, lets’ all hope for the best and remember that we’ll only have good shows in this city if we all make an effort to make them good.



We’re free!

Hi, everybody! We’re finally starting a blog version of DIY in Stumptown.

Don’t worry. A new print edition will be out soon. And the Facebook Page will continue to be updated. At least for now. But as of today our transition to being a full-blown online DIY resource for the Portland area has begun!